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Boasting over a hundred years of expertise, Corebridge Financial (formerly known as AIG) provides an array of permanent and term life insurance solutions.

Note: We are not Corebridge. To contact Corebridge Financial, you can reach them at 888-280-1243 or you contact them through their website at

Corebridge Financial
1050 N Western St.
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About Corebridge Financial

Previously operating as AIG Life & Retirement, Corebridge Financial ranks among the largest and most reputable providers of retirement plans and insurance offerings in the United States. With a lengthy and successful history of serving clients, Corebridge is committed to empowering individuals in achieving their financial objectives.

Corebridge provides a comprehensive range of products tailored to meet your distinct requirements. By collaborating with financial experts and institutions, we take pride in enabling a greater number of individuals to proactively manage their financial well-being, both in the present and the future.


Corebridge Financial Insurance Ratings


Rating Agency

Financial Rating

A.M. Best

A (Excellent)


A+ (Strong)


A2 (Upper Medium)

S&P Global

A+ (Strong)




Corebridge Financial Life Insurance Products

Corebridge presents a variety of term and permanent life insurance policies, in addition to accidental death and dismemberment insurance (AD&D). These policies can be purchased via AIG Direct, a subsidiary of Corebridge, or through an independent life insurance representative.

Term Life Insurance. Corebridge provides a Select-a-Term life insurance plan that can be transitioned into permanent coverage until the conclusion of your chosen premium period (or when the insured person reaches 70 years of age). With 18 distinct term durations available — 10 years, any span between 15 to 30 years, or 35 years — Corebridge caters to a variety of needs. Death benefits vary from $100,000 to over $1 million. The accelerated death benefit of Select-a-Term is exclusively applicable for terminal illnesses.

Permanent Life Insurance. Corebridge Financial provides three kinds of permanent life insurance, each of these permanent life products has the potential to earn tax-deferred cash value over time:

Whole Life Insurance that provides lifetime insurance coverage (as long as premiums are paid) and locked-in premiums for the life of the policy.Universal Life Insurance with the flexibility to alter payments and the death benefit to meet the needs that result from life events.Guaranteed Issue Life Insurance with a guaranteed death benefit ranging from $5,000 to $25,000 for eligible applicants from 50 to 80-years old. Applicants who have health issues that disqualifies them from purchasing traditional life insurance can have peace of mind knowing that they can insure their final expenses without worrying about a medical exam or health questions in order to qualify.


Getting Coverage from Corebridge

Insurance shopping for life insurance quote is possible through the AIG Direct website or by contacting Corebridge’s quote hotline, or by contacting most independent life insurance brokers. Corebridge’s websites collectively provide educational resources that elucidate the workings of life insurance, alongside a term life insurance calculator. The online platform allows policyholders to access policy information, update beneficiaries, and perform other functions.

Other financial products offered by Corebridge include annuities, retirement plans for employers, and investment products designed for corporations and financial institutions.


Term Life Insurance Rates from Corebridge

Like its predecessor, Corebridge Financial remains very competitive in the Term Life Insurance product category. The following rate chart shows actual monthly premiums for a $500,000 20-year Term Policy:

Male – Preferred Plus – Non-Tobacco


Age  Corebridge  Pacific Life  Protective  Lincoln Financial

25  $18.43  $18.52  $18.52  $18.90

35  $20.23  $21.59  $19.54  $21.17

45  $45.57  $49.30  $45.18  $47.41

55  $112.62  $120.23  $112.45  $116.66

Female – Preferred Plus – Non-Tobacco


Age  Corebridge  Legal & General  Pacific Life  Protective

25  $15.08  $15.07  $15.16  $15.16

35  $17.28  $17.87  $18.74  $16.57

45  $36.00  $37.20  $39.27  $35.60

55  $82.78  $89.24  $90.06  $82.46

To learn more about Corebridge Financial or to get rates for Term, Whole Life, Guaranteed Issue Whole Life, or Universal Life Insurance, call the insurance professionals at at 866-868-0099 or contact us through our website.


Check Term Insurance Rates Now!

The post Corebridge Financial (Formerly AIG) first appeared on

The post Corebridge Financial (Formerly AIG) appeared first on

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